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See Releases for this list all all completed releases.

Since the 2.0 release completion, future work on linux-c6x will fall into several categories:

Architecture: Work needed to advance C6x support in the mainline kernel and toolchain.

This work will progress at its own pace and may or may not result in a release in 2012.

User need: Work items need by current users.

If your using Linux-c6x and have needs that are not addressed by 2.0, please let us know using the linux-c6x-dev mailing list. We are planning very few features independent of expressed need.

2.0.X Releases

Future releases on the 2.0.x baseline are possible to fix bugs or do feature additions that do not impact existing software. 2.0.x releases will be made as/if needed.

The linux-c6x-2.0.x branch tracks any changes targeted to a future 2.0.x release

Potential 2.0.x items

  • Bug fixes
  • Demonstrate using the TI compiler for specific applications and shared libraries
  • Enhancements for NFS ease of use
  • Enhancements for GDB ease of use
  • Better demos

2.1 Release

A 2.1 release will be planned if some of the 3.0 work items are needed before all the 3.0 restructuring is done. All the below is expected to be complete by the end of 2012 but the exact schedule will be driven by user need.

The master branch tracks any changes targeted to a future 2.1 release.

Planned 2.1/3.0 Work Items

  • Add SRIO drivers for C66 (Initial version available in master branch)
  • Add PCIe drivers for C66 (Initial version available in master branch)
  • Add NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library) support
  • Convert IPC to rpmsg
  • Show multicore Linux usage

3.0 Release

The 3.0 release will address the architectural goals outlined above.

Planned Work Items

  • Rebase kernel to 3.3 or later
  • Use toolchain from upstream sources (GCC 4.7, etc)
  • Use OpenEmbedded based build system
  • See 2.1/3.0 planned items above
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