Booting up a kernel with a flat binary

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Follow the screen shots below to boot a flat binary image using CCS

First open a memory window to load the memory with the binary image


Choose the appropriate file from the appropriate location


Appropriately choose the location. IN the case of the C6474 and DSK6455 it will be 0x80000000 and in the case of C6472 it will be 0xE0000000. The type-size should be 32 bits.


The kernel command line is at a fixed offset(0x1000) from the start of the DDR address range. Once the file download has completed, you can see the command line which will be the same command line that we embedded into the binary with the help of the bootblob script.


We then have to change the PC address to the start of the DDR address range


Then we execute the binary as shown below


Clearly we know the IP address of the EVM to telnet into


Assigning a static IP address is not needed in case the EVM has a UART port. If the EVM has a UART port then we will see the kernel boot up log on the serial console. So we can configure the kernel to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server.

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