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This site is the home of the linux-c6x project. This project has the goal of bringing support for the Linux ecosystem to the TI C64x and c66x family of digital signal processors and multicore SoCs.

This project is sponsored by Texas Instruments and is intended to be a collaboration between TI, sponsored and independent vendor companies, customer companies, and individual contributors.

The primary motivation for this project is centered around the single and multicore C64x+ family of devices. Linux will enable richer functionality in the traditional applications of these devices and expansion to new applications. Initial support targets high-performance applications such as communications and mission critical infrastructure, medical diagnostics, and test and measurement. Independent activity beyond the sponsored scope is greatly encouraged.

A strong value of the project is upstream alignment. For some areas this can happen quickly, but other areas will take longer. For example some toolchain related patches were pushed even before the project was announced. The kernel work, however, will require more work in the toolchain to eliminate core code changes before it will be ready for upstream. Acceptance of the patches once ready is, of course, under the control of the upstream projects. To help ensure upstream alignment the project has engaged participants known to the target upstream communities. This includes CodeSourcery for GCC and Linux developers well known to the kernel community.

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